This was my first commission piece. I started off my design on paper, and wanted to incorporate subtle details.  The concept was to inlay additional metal on the surface of a cast ring, using sterling silver and fine silver.


This lead me to carve the ring from a block of wax, then cast it in Sterling Silver. I made 2 rings this way, one to be used as the ring for the couple and the other to work out all the technical issues. Since this was my first commission, I wanted to make sure I would have a successful product, and sometimes the casting process does not go according to plan.


This time it went great and had two rings to work with.  I cut off the sprue and cleaned up the surface. I cut 3 shallow lines in the sample piece and soldered fine silver wire. The first time I did this the lines were not straight or the correct distance apart, nor did the wire fill the cut I made in the surface. The 2nd time worked, so I started on the ring I would give to the happy couple.  After all the soldering, clean up, and polishing was finished you could easily loose where the 3 fine silver lines were.


This was exactly what I wanted when designed the piece. As the ring aged, alongside the married couple, the sterling silver will tarnish making the surface darken, yet the fine silver will remain white enhancing the design. The couple will change over time, they will have good times and bad, they may have children (and did), they will grow older and change together. This is what the ring helps symbolize, change is beautiful in every stage. Shiny and polished to scratched and tarnished, their love is beautiful through all changes.



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