I create work that allows people to share a secret, or keep it hidden. Designing this pendant with that in mind, the silver pendant opens to reveal a small sculpture.  The outer surface is scarred and has punctures, the inside is delicate and needs protecting. The top of the pendant is held in place by gravity, and magnets are placed to keep the top in the correct position.

I always start with a sample.  This pendant is fabricated from die formed copper, silver, and cord.  Creating samples are the best way to work out the technical process. pendant-sample-together pendant-sample-apart

I form the shape of the pendant using a hydraulic press, and a die with a sheet of silver.  The texture on the surface is made by applying pressure to the silver while it is red hot. I work with a few pieces in process at the same time, playing the odds to get similar looking effects.  With all the parts I created, I ultimately finished 2 similar pendants.

Here is the first pendant:


The center piece is soldiered to the base, and the chain is anchored onto the center piece, while the top moves freely up and down the chain. opening-pendantopening-pendant-open

Here is the center piece in the fabrication process. The next step I will add tiny silver balls, using a technique of fusing them to the surface, called granulation.

img01881-20100924-2115  pendant_2_lit


The 2nd pendant.  Similar to the one above, but slightly larger and has more granulation.

silver-granulated-pendant-1img01869-20100923-2219 img01872-20100924-0055

These die formed halves are soldiered together. They are shown with background light to display the piercing. img01873-20100924-0055   The center piece is made using granulation.  img00635-20101206-2310 img00632-20101206-2309I am using a chemical to oxidize the silver, making it turn black. Silver naturally turns black over time, I sped up the process.silver-granulated-pendant-2

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