My Dad would always buy my sister and I beautiful jewelry for Christmas. We would gleefully put on the new earrings, bracelets and necklaces. They were precious and expensive, and I always lost one of the earrings, broke the clasp mechanism because I like to feel the *click* and satisfying *snap* a little too much. I tested things when they were not supposed to be tested, and still do, If it’s nice and special I do not touch it. One Christmas gift was a set of freshwater pearls. The necklace would instantly un-strand, simply from looking at it. I tried re-strand it myself, ultimately giving up and keeping the loose pearls in the box it was given to me in.

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While at Missouri State University, I was faced with designing a ring that had to be “precious” I designed a ring that had a flower springing from the hand, it would appear to have dew drops on the petals. I didn’t like my initial sketches, but eventually discarded the flower for more of a fountain. The fold formed flower part would morph into the shank, and come up the other side as cluster of wire with pearls balancing at the tips. I had some technical obstacles, at one point I reworked the shank from one cast piece to two forged pieces. I granulated multiple areas, multiple times and didn’t melt it! I think there are probably 1,000 granules on this ring, that were made then placed individually and by hand. The pearls were those of the broken necklace of which I anchored atop the wires. Once completed I was ecstatic, this was the first piece I made that I was truly happy with the design, technical process, and execution of the completed piece. I was so happy to go home to finally get some sleep I got pulled over at 2 am, luckily the cop let me off with a warning.

granulation-ring granulation-ring2
This ring is what inspired me to keep making jewelry that incorporated granulation. Which led me to making the tree ring. I love being able to make something that only person wearing it knew about. Something unseen when worn and clearly visible when taken off. On this ring that was the granules that lay hidden on the inside of the band. This ring also has similarities to the spiral ring, they both use the pearls my dad gave me and are made from 100% fine silver. I often show these two rings as a pair, but are not intended as such.


Image above was taken at MOAK 2012moak-copy

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