In 2011 I started working with porcelain for the first time. I was amazed at the elasticity of the material and was able to create delicate spikes on jars that I had thrown on the wheel. I loved this new technique.


Fast forward to October 2015 when I had the time, tools, and the drive to start making work again, and with my background in making jewelry primarily out of metal, I wanted to start incorporating porcelain in to my jewelry.  I thought a great place to start is where I left off 4 years earlier.  I began throwing on the wheel, and became obsessed with the technique once again. I loved making these small little pointy coils that I could make organic forms with.


This evolved from altering thrown forms to making small brooches, eventually from small organic clusters for collections of coiled spikes.  I began using thin cable steel as a to combine the spikes into collections. I loved seeing the individual spikes side by side lined up, each one a different length and thickness. The piece by themselves are simple and fragile, once around the neck the necklace took on a new characteristic, it became almost menacing. The spikes stick out at angles and create a collar around the neck.  This is a powerful necklace when worn.  The necklace is comfortable to wear, aside from the occasional tight hug. I make necklaces that have 5 spikes and some that have 300, the more spikes the more menacing.


Original Publish Date: 7/1/2016

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Stunning work. How comfortable is it?


Hi Tiffany,

Thanks for the comment. They are comfortable, just not something you would wear if you were to spend the evening getting hugged! They have a well balanced weight to them. Most of all, fun to wear.

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