Looking forward to a new great year ahead. We can make resolutions and stick to them for a few weeks or for some, hours. However I view resolutions of small acts that than help acheive a larger goal(s).

For instance I’m sure getting healthier could get on the top of one’s list. This doesn’t necessarily mean joining the nearest gym or signing up for a marathon. (Kudos to you for signing up!) It can be as simple as buying a plant for your bedroom so you have cleaner air while you sleep. Just that allone can have impact on one’s health. Then in late January you buy another plant. Soon in April your local stores are starting to sell spring plants. Before you know it, it’s August. You have the juiciest tomatoes and peppers, your bedroom is full of plants and your eating the freshest food you’ve ever had. Plants are wonderful givers.

Other resolutions I’ve held in the past are cooking more from scratch, total bomb. I think I made 3 things from scratch in 2018, in 2017 however I cooked all the time.but I failed on my resolution. A few years ago I set to focus on my budget and really get ahead of debt. I’m still in debt (damn student loans) but I have a lot more financial freedom than I had before, by actively monitoring my bills and spending. True resolutions don’t come once a year. And they aren’t doomed to fail. Nor do they last for only that year. I actively pay attention to my finances, I cook from scratch every opportunity I can, and I definitely breath better years after I bought my first indoor plant.

Regardless to what time of year it is, make decisions that improve you life towrds a goal you’ve made. Baby steps, we’ve all heard it. Baby steps.

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