I have been working on a few projects this week, and starting new ones.  I am getting closer to completing two bracelets, and have new Petal earrings, and necklace.  I am continuing projects that include setting diamonds in ceramics.  


The bracelets I am designing are made up many porcelian pieces.  These pieces or parts are made from porcelain clay that is black.  The porcelain parts are made with small coils and press them ‘flat’.  I  puncture holes in the clay in a specified area and distance apart.  This helps when I am threading the porcelain parts on to the wire. 20161113_132629

Usually art imitates nature. I make pieces and find organic forms that mirror what I made, sometimes they appear on the sidewalk in front of our house.


Although this image is blurry you can see the form of the bracelet. I have created clasp with copper and magnets.  It needs a lot of work.  This is a prototype of the clasp I originally designed.  It mirrors the form of the porcelain parts. But not exactly how I want.  The copper is 20g, flat sheet, I intend finish the surface with a patina, but this will all change.  I enjoy the shiny luster paired with the flat surface of the porcelian.   What I would really like to see is a more voluptuous from from the metal, like the porcelain. The flow of the material is stagnate.  It needs to have a less manufactured, more organic quality.

20161126_171053 20161126_171144

The clasp is held together with magnets.  The magnets shown are not strong enough to hold the two halves together.  They work great for other pieces that do not require to hold weight and sustain motion. I bought the magnets for another project, “A stroll along a shore, collection of 19 stones”. To learn more about the stones, and how they were made, click here. The magnets work great for those those, not so much for this.


The ceramic parts are strung on jewelry wire. They attach to the the copper clasp through a copper tube. It has been pinched shut to secure the wire from moving or coming loose.  This is a solution, but I do not like it. The whole clasp will have to be re imagined.

20161126_171125 20161124_171024

These are the copper pieces used for the clasp.  They can also be used in conjunction with the porcelain  in another orientation.


Here I am using balled silver wire to connect parts for this bracelet.  The clasp is also 2 sheets of copper, and magnets.  But, the magnets will need to be replaced, or another style of clasps all together.


I have new pieces from the kiln. They are Laguna Clay’s Frost Porcelain, I have been using this clay for about a year now.  I purchase it from Crain Yard Clay in Kansas City.


These will most likely become rings, or something fun 😉


Petal earrings, necklace coming soon.

20161126_165632  20161126_170945

The clay earrings and rings with diamonds are getting a lot of attention.  I am really exited about these myself!  I placed the diamond in the wet clay. I made sure the clay is securing the stones in place.  If their is not tension keeping the stone in the clay, my theory is, it will be pushed out in the shrinking of the clay.    I make sure there is a little bit of clay over the stone, or has a rim out of clay to hold the stone in place.  The stone is tolerant of the temperature required for the cone 5 clay from Aardvark. The major concern is the clay shrinking and cracking around the stone, and second there needs to be something holding the stone in place. Once the pieces are fired, and the clay turns black, the stone will be secured and ready to use.


The next project is a hollow form using the patterns for hydraulic die forming with metal. I have written about this process in a previous week.


What I am doing here is pushing a thin slab of clay in to the void.  I am using my fingers to push & pull the clay

20161120_145324 20161120_14525720161120_145241

You can see the stretched surface is a few character flaws away from smooth.  I really like the possibilities with this techniques.  I am thinking of adding more cracks to it, but first I need to securely join the two halves by scoreing and sliping.


This is the same shape I used to create Glowing Blue, as well as others. I use a hydraulic press and a small sheet of thick plexiglass seen above.  The metal needs pressure to strech unlike clay.  The hydraulic press is the best way to apply the presure needed.  For ceramics, and making parts, it is easy and quick with your fingers.

20161126_171833 20161126_171842

I accidentally left this piece uncovered and in a toasty environment. So it dried out before I was able to add more cracks and texture.  Remember slower is better.

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