Ceramic Installations

Ceramic wall Installations

Looking forward to 2019

Looking forward to a new great year ahead. We can make resolutions and stick to them for a few weeks or for some, hours. However I view resolutions of small acts that than help acheive a larger goal(s). For instance I’m sure getting healthier could get on the top of one’s list. This doesn’t necessarily … Continue Reading

In progress @ the bench

Hi friends! I will publish articles about the items I am currently working on at my desk.  I will discuss technical difficulties, any design obstacles, and my internal struggle.  I hope you enjoy the journey. I have a home studio, it is located in our living room, I share the space with my Fella and … Continue Reading

Porcelain Necklace

In 2011 I started working with porcelain for the first time. I was amazed at the elasticity of the material and was able to create delicate spikes on jars that I had thrown on the wheel. I loved this new technique. Fast forward to October 2015 when I had the time, tools, and the drive … Continue Reading

Porcelain Earrings

I love making and wearing earrings! I make all the ceramic pieces and I do all the metal work.  I am attracted to the juxtaposition of a fragile material and strong material, even thought both are equally resistant.  I sell my earrings between $35-$50. Above earrings are porcelain and steel; below earrings are porcelain and sterling silver. … Continue Reading